Research Charges

  Members Non-Members Students
Research Library Use Fee $3 to use $5 to use $3 to use
Minimum Research Charge* $15 for first hour $20 for first hour $15 for first hour
Hourly Research Charge* $10 per hour $15 per hour $10 per hour
Copies $.25 per copy $.35 per copy $.25 per copy
CD & Case $4 per $5 per $4 per
Photos used for Publication or Profit*** $20 per photo $20 per photo $20 per photo

*Applies only to assisted research (research performed by staff)
**Minimum charge applies for all requests requiring 5 or more photos
***Purchaser must agree to the terms of MCHS for use. Please contact MCHS for terms of use.

Library Materials Available

The research library of MCHS contains many useful materials. Available for research are:

City directories
Plat maps
Mower County history books
Various city history books
Photo files
History vertical files
Obituary cards
Birth/Death cards
Newspapers-microfilm of the Austin Daily Herald from 1891-2007, Adams Review from 1932 to 1935 and 1945 to 1955
And much more!





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