Our Story Moments in Time

Want to learn more about the history of Mower County?  Check out Dustin’s show from Our Story Studios!  In each episode, Professor J. Von Tron (played by Jenny Abitz) travels back in time in her Our Story time machine to capture events around southern Minnesota.  When she arrives at her destination, planned or not, she meets a gentleman (played by Dustin, our Executive Director) who explains what is going on.  Every episode is informational and enjoyable.  Each episode includes a story from Martin and Mower Counties, as well as other counties in southern Minnesota when available.  Click on an episode, turn up the volume, and prepare to be entertained!

History of the Fairmont Opera House and Austin's Paramount Theatre

History of the Syndicate Block Fire and Terp Ballroom Fire

History of Fairmont Railway Motors and the Stealing of the County Seat




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